Giacomo’s South End

There are evenings when I crave great Italian food.  Immediately I head to Boston’s North End.  And there are evenings when I crave great Italian food but I’m just too lazy to make the trek to Hanover Street for dinner.

Giacomo’s South End (there is also a North End location) is only a few blocks from my apartment and the dishes are amazing.  Like its sister restaurant, Giacomo’s South End is cash only.  It has a warm, crowded, and cozy vibe.  The restaurant is small and the tables are close together yet separate dinner parties are still able to maintain an intimate vibe.  I was pleased to find that unlike the North End location, Giacomo’s South End accepts reservations.  With an inexpensive wine list and a menu filled with delicious pastas, meats, and seafood, I think you’ll be delighted with dinner at Giacomo’s.

Giacomo’s South End, 431 Columbus Ave, Boston, 617-536-5723.

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