Best Bees

Want to bee a friend to a hive of black and yellow buzzing creatures?  Help Best Bees as they save the world one bee at a time!

Best Bees is an organization that helps you house your own hive of honey bees right in your backyard.  Bees are important for pollinating crops but unfortunately their population is declining.  By joining with Boston Bees, you provide a place for honey bees to live and work while Boston Bees is responsible for the hive’s care and upkeep.

Best Bees is based in Boston’s South End.  They specialize in installing hives in densely populated, urban areas.  Before installing your hive, you can receive a free consulation to learn how to deal with bothersome bee traits (stinging, ouch!) as well as a cost estimate.  Hives are delivered and installed in early May.  Best Bees will routinely visit to check the hive every 2 weeks.

Best Bees, founder Noah Wilson-Rich, PH.D, 617-407-8979, company website, e-mail Noah for more information (

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