The Weekender: July 22-24

Boston is in the midst of a killer heat wave. Are you having trouble thinking straight? I know I sure am! Here are three easy ways to stay cool this weekend.

The Great Indoors. Stay inside in air conditioned bliss. Go to the mall or to a cool, dark movie theater. If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning at home, stay in and curl up with a good book.

SPF. Wear sunscreen! If you’re going to beat the heat at the pool or the beach, be wary of the strong sunlight. Reapply SPF often to prevent sunburns.

H2Ohhhh. Drink lots of water. It will help stay you hydrated and it will be easier for your body temperature to stay regulated. Limit alcohol and other beverages that will make you dehydrated.

Hopefully next weekend, the weather will be more comfortable and our adventurous spirit will return.

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