Muertos Patrón Dinner

If you love Mexican food and really good tequila (like we do), then you won’t want to miss this special Día de los Muertos event at South Boston’s Papagãyo. Chris Damian, Chef and Owner, will be cooking up a five-course pre-fixe menu celebrating the traditions and history of Día de los Muertos. Melissa Looney, a Patrón representative will serve as the evening’s host and will be providing tequila pairings with each course. Just take one look at the mouth-watering menu, and you’ll be adding this event to your calendar in no time. Plus, any reason to celebrate another holiday is good reason enough.

Also, if you really love tequila, you should check out Papagãyo’s Tequila Club. Tequila wall of fame? Say no more!

Muertos Patrón Dinner, Papagãyo, 283 Summer Street, South Boston, Tuesday, November 1, 6:00pm, $52.24 per person. To purchase tickets, please visit the event website and for more information, please visit Papagãyo’s facebook page.

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