Paridaez, Local Yoga Apparel

paridaez yoga

We love supporting local businesses, and we were excited to hear about the launch of a new transformative yoga clothing line out of Cambridge! The pieces from Paridaez can literally be transformed to shift into different articles of clothing. The goal of the line is to allow busy women to leave the house and actually transition from work, class, yoga to a night out with just one outfit! The team of three women, Allison Daroie, Lindsay Dyan, and Liz Reinhart are all from Boston, and all of the items from Paridaez will be made in New England. {Bonus points.} The pieces seem so comfortable, cute, and practical. Check out their Kickstarter video to see how the pieces work, and click through to support the launch of this exciting new brand!

Here are a few image series that show how some of the different pieces transform. So cool! paridaez yoga

image3 paridaez yoga
To find out more, check out the Paridaez website!

Image Credit: Josh Faulk, Courtesy of Paridaez.

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