A Visit to Blue Hills & Protecting Our Parks


I love getting fresh air. Nothing clears my mind like a walk in the woods. I wouldn’t trade living in the city, but I do need an escape every now and again to quiet the mind. Thankfully, I have a Portuguese Water Dog who keeps me active and looking for a new beach to visit or a hike to take.

We’re lucky to live in a city with such great access to the outdoors. You can easily visit the Esplanade, the Boston Harbor, and the Public Garden. If you’re willing to hop in a car, you can head to the Fells or the Blue Hills Reservation.

I live in South Boston, so hopping in my car and heading to the Blue Hills on the Milton / Quincy border takes only fifteen minutes without traffic. As soon as I drive off the 93 ramp and enter the reservation, I feel like I’ve driven hours outside of the city. It’s immediately refreshing.


Parks and natural areas are so important. Not only are these open spaces great (and important) for humans, but the little critters living out in the wild are dependent upon them. If we want to preserve the nature surrounding us, we need to stand up for the parks and public spaces that we love. The Trust for Public Land works to protect parks and land for future generations to enjoy. They focus primarily on parks in and near cities, where 80% of Americans live. Everyone should have the ability to play in nature!

Check out all protected parks in the Greater Boston area here. You can also create your own #ourland postcard and share with friends!

Image credit: Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman

This post is made possible by support from The Trust for Public Land. As always, all opinions are my own.

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