The Best Frozen Yogurt


There are many places to enjoy a frozen yogurt in the city, but not all places are created equal. I love Pinkberry like many people, but the crème de la crème in my book is BerryLine. I often get cravings at random times and will beg my husband to make the drive over to Harvard Square to pick us up some delicious fro yo. He usually obliges — he loves it, too!

BerryLine changes up their flavors every few weeks (you can find all current flavors on their website), but the original is my favorite, which is not normally the case when I’m ordering frozen yogurt at other shops! Creamy, light, and so satisfying, BerryLine’s original yogurt is the kind of stuff that I dream about. You can top it with fresh cut fruit, homemade mochi, or some cookie crumbles, but it’s so good on its own.

I find that good frozen yogurt can be tricky to find in the winter, with many local shops closing for the season. I love knowing that I can depend on Berryline to satisfy my craving — just wish there was one in South Boston!

Photo credit: Erik Jacobs

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