Maternity Style: What to Wear While Pregnant


I am now 31 weeks pregnant, and there’s no denying that I’m feeling very pregnant. It’s kind of funny how one day things just shift – people don’t question if there’s a baby growing in there anymore, they just know. People start to offer their seat on the T, let you jump ahead in the bathroom line, and it even sparks many conversations with strangers.

It’s also a time, for me at least, in which I’m starting to feel really big and a little uncomfortable. A lot of things have helped, like making sure I have enough time off my feet, doing prenatal yoga, and wearing the right kind of clothing. Shopping for maternity clothes (especially the first time around) is seriously stressful. At least, it was for me! There is so much choice, and so much of it is overpriced and a little frumpy. You have to weed through a lot to find things that feel like you, are comfortable, and won’t break the bank.


Here are some items that I’ve worn time and time again and would re-purchase in a heartbeat:

These Gap shirts are so soft. I could honestly live in them (and kind of do). My personal favorite is this long-sleeved one in black, but I’m about to try a bunch of the short-sleeved ones now that the weather is warming up. The material is light, almost tissue-like, but they provide plenty of belly coverage and are just so comfy. I love these tank tops for layering.

The Bellaband is a must-have. I still wear it with my maternity full-panel jeans, otherwise I find that my pants are always falling down!

– It’s important to have a few pairs of jeans. I think that I tried on maybe three or four dozen. Most were too saggy, too tight in the wrong places, or just uncomfortable. In the end, I ended up keeping a pair from 7 for All Mankind and a pair of AG’s. I had heard great things about the jeans Topshop, but unfortunately, they never had my size in stock!

– Dresses are awesome, and I can’t wait to wear more now that the weather is getting nice. I did purchase a few maternity dresses (Target has a great selection, and I love this one from Boob), but the beauty is that many dresses in your wardrobe might still work, even if they’re not intended to be worn in pregnancy. I have had good luck with maxi dresses from H&M, plus anything from Zara. You have to spend time trying them on to make sure that they’re loose enough in the right places, but I’ve been happy to add a few non-maternity items to my wardrobe that I know I’ll love after the baby is born, too.

– I practically sleep in this sweater (I have it in the olive color, and it’s on sale right now!), and I adore this simple black dress for everyday. In general, Splendid makes awesome maternity clothing. Their stuff is always so soft and cozy.

– When it comes to workout gear, I’ve been frustrated by many of the options on the market. They just seem sub-par. When my favorite Athleta pants weren’t cutting it anymore, I turned to Target… and I haven’t looked back! These capri pants have quickly become my favorite for yoga, walking, and for days when I don’t really feel like wearing jeans (which is becoming more and more frequent). Target also has some great long tanks and sports bras, that will make you feel so much more comfortable and won’t break the bank.

– Bras! I honestly didn’t give much thought to new bras in pregnancy. Sure, I knew that I would likely need a nursing bra or two once the baby arrived, but I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I’d feel in my regular bras during pregnancy. Thanks to a tip from Laura, I purchased one of these nursing bras early on in my pregnancy. They are so comfortable, wash well, and are great for both pregnancy and nursing.

– If you are pregnant in the winter months (or thinking about baby carrying), I’d definitely recommend trying one of these coat expanders to make the coats that you currently own work for a growing bump.

– When in doubt, shoes! I find myself reaching for shoes with a little more personality as my bump gets bigger. It’s amazing how a fun pair of shoes can jazz up a basic jean and black t-shirt. I’ve been loving loafers lately, and currently have my eye on these.

And then there’s lots you can make work in your closet! For instance, I’ve been wearing a ton of cute buttondown tops, just unbuttoned with a tank or t-shirt underneath, like this. It’s kind of fun to think about the clothes that you currently own and wear them in new ways.

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Photo credit: Cambria Grace Photography

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