Our Sister’s Wedding!


Laura and I have a third sister, Carolyn, who is the youngest of the bunch (Laura is the oldest and I’m the middle). Carolyn married her longtime boyfriend this past New Year’s Eve. They went to high school together and although he’s felt like a part of our family for a long time, it was really special to make it official. It was always Carolyn’s dream to be married at my parent’s home in the Back Bay and that dream became a reality.

The wedding was intimate, and so very personal. The guests included immediate family (four babies under 14 months!) and close friends. There were about 60 people in total and my parents’ home was buzzing with so much love, joy, and happiness. It couldn’t be contained by the walls. Carolyn hired a sweet gypsy jazz band and the babies loved ‘dancing’ along to the music. Matt officiated the ceremony, which Carolyn and Tom wrote (my sister is an amazing writer, and it was so authentically them). Carolyn and Tom’s love radiated through every detail and I felt elated witnessing them exchange vows beside my parents.


You know how certain emotions take over a crowd, like the wave at a baseball game? It felt like that. Everyone was just overflowing with this immense love for this special and devoted couple. It was one of those evenings where you just felt so present, and that can often be such a rarity, especially at weddings.

Carolyn and Tom opted to forgo the traditional wedding party. Laura and I didn’t want to match exactly, but we wanted to find complementary outfits that would look nice in family photos. My mom was planning to wear black velvet, so we used that and the fact that the celebration was happening on New Year’s Eve as our guide. We decided to partner with local dress rental company, Best Dressed (which is also run by two sisters!) to find something festive. Best Dressed has an original location in Charlestown and recently opened a second shop in South Boston, literally around the corner from my house. Hooray for convenience! Laura and I popped in one afternoon and began trying on dresses that piqued our interest. I ended up choosing this gorgeous French Laundry dress with a beautiful black velvet top and shimmery gold bottom. I received so many compliments, and it was seriously comfortable. Laura wore a black Shoshanna dress that looked so pretty on her.


We were able to borrow the dresses for five days (which is ideal if you’re traveling for a wedding or event) and the rental fee includes dry cleaning and small repairs (like a lost button). It was so easy to pick up the dresses and drop them off – and we loved not having to add another dress to the closet of dresses… you know how that goes! Depending on the dress, rental prices range from $40-150 and there are over 1,000 dresses between the two shops.

We loved our experience at Best Dressed – and above all, it’s so great to support a local business that is run by two sisters.

Congrats, Carolyn and Tom! We love you both. xo

Image credit: The Spragues

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