An Update: Milo at 7 + 8 Months


Every parent says it… and somehow it’s still hard to believe in those early days, but the time is just flying by. The newborn phase feels so sluggish and you’re learning how to do this whole baby thing, and then all of a sudden you have a child who is ready to crawl, eat, and take on the world. It’s been so amazing to witness Milo transform from a sleepy newborn to a sweet, happy boy with his own little personality.

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There have been a lot of milestones these last two months. Milo can sit up so well now, and although he isn’t crawling, he is moving everywhere. I feel like he goes from one side of the room to the other simply by rolling over or scooting. Before we know it, he’ll be on the move for real. We still need to finish baby proofing, but I am so glad that we had gates installed to prevent him from falling down (or up!) the stairs.


Milo went for his first official swim this month at our local pool. He hated it for the first ten minutes (the water is so much colder than bath water) but then seemed to enjoy the water. Matt is so excited about taking him in the pool; it’s very cute. Our local pool offers family swim for $8 on Thursday and Sunday – so you don’t need to sign up for a “real” swim class. Eventually we’ll want to do that, but at this age it’s just nice to get him in the water. (Although I don’t think swim diapers do a whole lot, it’s nice to put them in one! This is what we bought for Milo and so far, so good. Plus, it’s cute!)

Milo is becoming quite independent these days. He loves snuggling but loves to explore. He is talking all the time – mostly loves saying dada and of course loves to sing. We still go to Little Groove music class (we’ve been going since he was 3 months old!) and it’s so cute to see how he’s really starting to love it.


We took a big trip this month – to Japan and France (more to come on that, including how to do a long haul flight with a little one.), and it went well. Milo has been to four countries already! It’s been quite the adventure. Traveling with a baby is so different, but equally rewarding. People engage with you on a different level; I’ve found everyone to be so helpful and friendly, and it’s so neat to see Milo interact wherever we go. Although every age has advantages and challenges, I can imagine how much easier it is to travel with a semi non-mobile baby versus a toddler who wants to walk around all the time.

He’s still not really into food. We’re getting there and he’s showing interest much more than he used to, but that’s not saying a whole lot. I’m lucky if I can get him to eat 2 spoonfuls of something. He still loves water, though. He likes to sip out of a regular glass, but I’m also liking this cup for when we’re at home and these ones for when we’re out.


As far as toys, he’s still really into the teething ones (teething hurts), especially this ring and of course the baby sophie giraffe. He still loves the baby einstein take-a-long toy, the o-ball, and anything with a rattle! He’s also starting to show more interest in books — and he definitely loves to chew on them. We’re loving this one by Sandra Boynton, and we picked up a few in France which have been fun to read. He also loves to bounce, and he’s obsessed with this bouncer (especially the music and cute little flowers).

He’s so into music. I’ve been playing a ton on Spotify, mostly Raffi, music from Little Groove, and Elizabeth Mitchell. Do you have any music you love for kids? I’m all ears!

In terms of clothes, he’s starting to wear 9-12 months, which feels so crazy. I bought a few things on our trip (the stores in Paris only have sales twice a year, and we happened to be there over the winter sale) although Japan was so expensive, and although the baby clothes there were adorable, I didn’t get any. He’s finally starting to wear these shoes (in red), and I think they’re my favorite thing ever. I bought this and this for Milo and they’re so soft and cute (I love Petit Bateau). We also love the Hanna Andersson pajamas and I’m still on the search for socks that will stay on — if you have any tips, let me know!

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