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Baby & Family

An Update: Milo at 4 Months

Where does the time go? You hear it over and over again: the first year flies by. During the first 2-3 months […]

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Mommy & Me Yoga

When I was pregnant with Milo, I went to prenatal yoga at Radiant Yoga in South Boston. I looked forward […]

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Halloween in Boston

It’s almost Halloween!! Such a great holiday. Dan and I lived for many years in Montreal, where it is celebrated […]

Baby & Family

An Update: Milo at 3 Months

I can’t believe that my little 6lb 3oz baby is three months old?! What? Everywhere we go, people comment on […]

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Milo’s First Flight

This past weekend, we attended a family wedding in North Carolina — and Milo took his first flight! It was […]

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Local Resources for a Mom-to-be

Becoming pregnant for the first time is both amazing and terrifying. It’s easy to feel like pregnancy is a new […]

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The Beginning of Life

I saw an absolutely amazing movie recently. The Beginning of Life is a look at the importance of the first few […]

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The First Month at Home with a Newborn

Somehow Milo is already eight weeks old! What? How? The time seems to be going faster and faster these days. […]

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Grownup Firsts: Moving Away

There are so many milestones along the way to becoming a ‘grownup’ — a first job, moving away from home, renting […]

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Introducing Milo Bloom Kurtzman

You’re a sky full of stars. Because you light up the path. I give you my heart. – Coldplay I […]