Mela: Modern Indian Cuisine is a great restaurant on Tremont Street in the South End.

I always order the same things each and every time I dine there: Garlic Naan, Samosas, and Tandoori Chicken.  I’m never disappointed.  For those with a more adventurous palette, Mela has an extensive menu of Indian foods and allows you to customize your meal’s spice level when you place your order.  My boyfriend insisted, “hurt me,” and his meal was so spicy it made his eyes water!

Though quality of food is a huge factor in choosing a restaurant, I also like to pick places with a great decor.  Mela’s front door splits the restaurant into 2 small halves.  One side features tables and the small bar area.  This section seems brighter and filled with hustle and bustle.  The other half of the restaurant has a cozier and more intimate feel.  Both sides are decorated with beautiful white paper lanterns that give the place a fresh and modern vibe.

Mela is located at 578 Tremont St, Boston; 617-859-4805; take out and delivery available.

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