KO Catering + Pies

There are two ways that people often react to KO Catering + Pies. ‘What is Australian food anyways?’ or ‘Oh my goodness, Australian food! How, I’ve missed you!’ Whichever category you find yourself in, you will not be let down by the flavor oozing from this tiny restaurant. Having been familiar with the previous restaurant, I was curious how the tiny space would be utilized. KO Catering + Pies is essentially a take out place, but they do have a large communal table if you’d like to stay and chat. And chat, they do!

The owner, Sam and the wonderful staff are so friendly — and who can resist that Australian accent. They’ll happily go through the menu explaining ingredients and sharing their favorites. The pies are meant to be eaten like a hamburger; hands only and drizzled with ketchup. The wedges are delectable, too. Perfectly seasoned. The flaky, filling pies are the perfect solution to a blistering cold winter. I had the vegetable curry pie and my husband had the meat pie and a sausage roll. We can’t wait to go back and try more! Overall, I think the best part of this new Southie restaurant is the feeling that you really could be in the land down under. And the food is delicious, too.

PS. They will be bringing pies to the rest of the city with their soon-to-come truck service!

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