Fresh. Organic. Products made from fruits and vegetables. Plenty of vegan options!  LUSH features products for the bath, shower, hair, skin, and face as well as a new line of perfumes.

Each time I walk into LUSH, I’m nearly knocked over by the store’s aroma.  But once I adjust, I admire the beautiful bath bombs.  I’m jealous of everyone who has a working bathtub and can use these to create fizzy scented baths.  I learned about Emotibombs.  All you need to do is place the emotibomb on the floor of your shower under the spray and enjoy the fizzing aromatherapy.  I can’t wait to purchase Up You Gets, an emotibomb said to help you rise and shine.

I usually sample a lotion or two and never leave the store empty handed.  My latest purchase was a Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask.  It needs to be refrigerated and is a deep cleansing mask that contains blueberries and calamine to boost the skin with antioxidants and clean out grime from deep down in the pores.  Fresh from the fridge, the mask was cool and soothing against my skin.  It had a natural perfume-like fragrance and was a pretty blueish/purple color.  One day after using, my skin looks vibrant and feels silky smooth.

If you have time to visit the Boston shop, I was informed that they’re now offering free in-store facials and product sampling.  I’m going to go back and try it out.  I love learning about new ways to organically care for my skin.

LUSH, 166 Newbury Street, Boston,

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