Jane Marvel Handbags

I have a new obsession: Handbags created by Jane Marvel!  The “Sunshine” pattern caught my eye as I wandered past the Gifted store at the corner of Dartmouth and Tremont Streets.

(The pattern pictured above is the”Stars Mustard” pattern with bronze handles and trim.)

Besides looking cute from the shop window, I learned that Jane Marvel Handbags have a lot more to offer.  None of the products use leather!  The bags are made from laminated canvas or nylon and lined with polyester.  Vegan-friendly, all of the handbags are lightweight, water proof, and easy to clean with mild detergents.  Each handbag comes with a different free gift!  And another added bonus, the free gifts are packaged in a sturdy FAA approved clear plastic pouch for further travel needs.

I’m traveling next weekend and can’t wait to tote my Jane Marvel handbag as I visit museums and monuments in Washington D.C.

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