Dash for a Difference

Do you love the Amazing Race? Have you always wanted to participate in your own little dash around the world? Well, this spring you can participate in your own amazing race – right here in Boston. Boston Cares, a great local organization that makes it easy for you to volunteer, even if you have a super busy schedule. Who wouldn’t want to stand behind an organization devoted to volunteering and making this city sparkle just a little bit brighter?

On April 30th, tie your sneakers and dash around the city to participate in the 8-10 volunteer assignments you are given. You are expected to raise $100 throughout the day. At the end of the dash, everyone will gather for refreshments and prizes. If you’re going to participate, you might as well go ahead and create an awesome team name! Fun is everywhere you choose to find it, right?

Boston Cares Dash for a Difference, April 30, 9am, $25 registration fee,  event website and registration information.

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