Cisco Brewers

Drinking beer in the comfort of home is relaxing. But drinking beer fresh at its brewery source is a nearly religious experience!

Last week I visited Cisco Brewers 3 times while I was vacationing on Nantucket. Cisco Brewers has it all: beer, wine, and vodka! The brewery serves beer from Cisco Brewers, wine from Nantucket Vineyards, and vodka from Triple 8 Distillery. In between the brewery buildings, visitors can relax at picnic tables or play a game of Corn Hole.¬† There’s often live music on summer afternoons as well as mild amusement from watching the brewery dogs’ antics.

If you can’t visit Cisco Brewers in person, be sure to look for their products.¬† I’m particularly fond of the wheaty Belgian Grey Lady beer and oaky 2009 Chardonnay¬† wine.

Cisco Brewers, 5 Bartlett Farm Road, Nantucket, 508-325-5929. For more information, please visit the website.

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