Pocket Parks in Cambridge

One of the many great aspects of living in Boston is access to the many beautiful (and well kept) parks and waterfront areas. We are so lucky to live in a city whose lawmakers understand the importance of green space. Did you know that back in the 1830’s there was resistance to keeping the lot where the Boston Public Garden currently resides? We can thank Horace Gray who petitioned to keep the space for a botanical garden.

Pocket parks are beginning to creep up all over the city and surrounding areas. These miniature spaces are beautiful, eclectic and just perfect for some solo unwinding time. Cambridge is known for its smaller parks, including this one! If you’re interested in venturing into one of these quaint public spaces, we suggest starting with the Franklin Street ParkSennott Pocket Park or Lopez Avenue Charles Street Pocket Park.

Tell us – do you have a favorite hidden space in town? Perhaps a public space or a little nook of your own?

Photo Credit: Centers + Squares

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