Debra Weisberg at Gallery Kayafas

The work of Debra Weisberg is so creative in both material usage and application that we just can’t stop looking. This fall, you’ll be able to see some of Weisberg’s work up close. Gallery Kayafas, located in Boston’s South End, will showcase a collection of Weisberg’s glow in the dark drawings and a selection of other works, including art created by Judy Haberl. Sounds like a pretty romantic (and unique) date, if you ask us.

PS. For a sneak peek, check out Gallery Kayafas facebook page for photographs of the current collection featuring the works of Debra Weisberg and Judy Haberl.
Dystopian Dreaming, Debra Weisberg and Judy Haberl, Gallery Kayafas, 450 Harrison Avenue, South End, October 22-November 26. For hours and more information, please visit Gallery Kayafas’ website.

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