I’ve been spending more and more time out of the city lately, and it’s been of the utmost importance to find things to do and places to eat that are on par with my Boston favorites. When I dined at Incontro in Franklin, I knew I had come across a gem.

Incontro is a steakhouse that serves regional Italian cuisine. I was impressed with the wine list. There were so many affordable bottles from a variety of wine regions. The menu is extensive, making it challenging to select a delicious entree. I ended up choosing the petite tenderloin at the waiter’s recommendation. I wasn’t disappointed; my steak arrived cooked to a pretty shade of medium pink just as I ordered.¬†Incontro’s downstairs dining room has a formal feel, but upstairs is the perfect place for relaxation. There’s a large bar area and lounge, plus a billiards room filled with over half a dozen pool tables.

Incontro, 860 West Central Street, Franklin, 508-520-2770, Monday-Sunday, 12pm-12am. For more information, please visit the Incontro website.

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