Highlights: Thanksgiving with Natalie

Thanksgiving in my family is all about one thing: gratitude. The day swells with love as we speak of things of luck and praise. This year, my older sister was unable to join us – as well as my extended in-law family, but e-mails and phone calls were exchanged sharing the same simple message – your unwavering love means the world to me.

I would be remiss to say that gratitude is where it starts and ends. We can’t forget about the food and wine! Perhaps one of the biggest holiday traditions lies in our beloved recipes that we make year in and year out. I am from a family who loves to cook and savors in the delight of sharing long meals; we are French after all. Like all of our meals together, we begin with an apĂ©ritif. This time around, it was scotch for the men, while the ladies sipped on kir.

And then it is on to the food. My mother and sister are vegetarian, so the roasted vegetables, stuffing and cranberry sauce are aplenty. My husband, a southerner, always brings the fried turkey. My father, he’s the host, always quick to fill your glass or pass the plate. He’s also an incredible cook. Which makes it easy for me. I sit back and relax, taking it all in. And with sunsets as magical as they are from my parents’ window, it is pretty easy to do.

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