Gift Guide: A Local Valentine’s Day


Can you believe that February is just around the corner? Of course, many wonderful things happen in February, including a personal favorite, Valentine’s Day. Even if single, it can be a great excuse to take your girlfriends out for a night out on the town. We love the idea of giving something small (or handmade) to friends, too. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers! Here are some of our top picks for local gifts this Valentine’s Day.

For the chilly nights ahead. A fondue set is a perfect gift. It is something you can use again and again. And there are few things more romantic than sharing a pot of fondue by candlelight. We love this fondue set from Daily Grommet, among many other items available on their site!

For your other best friend. As we’ve mentioned, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for a significant other. We are big fans of Bark Place, and this year they are offering sweet heart shaped treats for your favorite best friend.

A little bling. Gemvara allows you to customize your jewelry – we love that! You can choose something totally unique – or something a bit more basic. There’s something for everyone. Personally, we love this Forget Me Knot Ring and these tanzanite earrings. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Any reason is a good reason for chocolate. If you’re going to buy chocolate this year, definitely consider local. We love Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe in South Boston. They even sell chocolate teas and soda! They also have great pre-packaged gifts all set to go.

So, tell us. What’s on your gift guide this Valentine’s Day? Do you exchange gifts?

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