Sweets from Sweet

There’s one week until Valentine’s Day. Celebrate someone sweet with sweet treats from Sweet.

Sweet has several delicious cupcake shops around Boston and they’re offering some tasty dessert options for February 14. Try a cupcake topped with XOXO, Cupid Hearts, or I Heart U made from sugary fondant. We think that the best kind of roses are edible ones so be sure to sample Sweet’s Red Rose cupcakes. Along with these lovely decorated cupcakes, Sweet also has some special Valentine’s Day flavors. Indulge in Red Velvet with Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting, light and fluffy Angel Food, fruity Strawberries and Cream, or decadent Chocolate Raspberry.

Sweet, Back Bay (2 locations), Harvard Square, Downtown, $4.25 per cupcake. Visit Sweet’s website for more information and online ordering.

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