On Transitions

To our beloved BDB community:

It has been an honor to come here each day and share Boston’s best events, boutiques and more. The Boston Day Book has given us so much, including all of you. We are forever thankful for that. We love this city – and the beat of it is so invigorating.

As our lives have become busier, we’ve contemplated what path was best for BDB. We really wanted to keep it going, but felt it better to be honest to ourselves and you. It comes with mixed emotions that we’ve decided to close the doors to our BDB adventure for now. There always remains the possibility that we’ll pick up where we left off one day, but for now, this transition allows us to focus on other exciting projects.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and most of all, the community you’ve provided. We’re proud of being Bostonians and have loved every second of this ride. We are sad this door is closing (although never permanently), but are excited for what’s up ahead. We’d love to stay in touch, as we’ll certainly maintain our online presence. Follow us on twitter – Natalie and Melissa! Also, we’d love to have you follow along on our adventures as catalogued via our personal blogs, wishful nals and Crunches for Cupcakes. Also, feel free to connect on LinkedIn with us – we can be found here: Natalie and Melissa.

We hope that our paths cross again soon!


Natalie and Melissa

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