So, You Want to be a DJ?

Scratch Mix Fade-1

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a DJ? Just for one night? It’s fun to dream about jobs that seem so out of our comfort zone. I often find that these lead to great hobbies.

The Boston Center for Adult Education has recently created a class tailored to just that – an intro for how to DJ. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to break into the industry or how to keep the crowd moving – this is your chance. You’ll learn how to cue and scratch, and the last class will include a trip to a nightclub. How fun does that sound?

Next time we’re on the dance floor, maybe you’ll be spinning the tunes? Only the future can tell!

Scratch, Mix & Fade: Intro to Club DJ Essentials, Boston Center for Adult Education, 122 Arlington Street, Boston, Tuesday, April 2-23, 7:30-9:30 (four sessions in total), $66/$56 members/$10 materials. To register please visit the Boston Center for Adult Education online or call 617-267-4430.


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