electric box 1

electric box 2

Everyone who know me knows that I love public art, especially works that have an aspect of graffiti to them. In Montreal, I was always on the hunt for interesting art when strolling the streets (see here and here). Walking around downtown Boston the other day, I was excited to notice that some of the utility boxes have been painted. (This box in downtown crossing was painted by Adam O’Day.)

Then I started noticed painted boxes all around the city! Paintbox, a program through the Boston Arts Commisson, has asked local artists to use the utility boxes in their neighborhoods as canvases. There are more than 80 paintboxes so far. What an amazing idea! There is even an interactive map to help you find them. I am excited to find more of these as I get to know Boston better.

P.S. Look out for art on concrete road barriers as a new program, Artbarrier, begins next month.

Call to artists: Submit your design idea for a Boston utility box! Click here for the application (ongoing). Submit a design idea for a concrete barrier, before April 1st. Artbarrier application here.

Photo credit: Laura Chassaigne

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