Meet our Newest Contributor, Becky Brackett!


Let’s kick-off this Monday morning with a wonderful announcement. We are thrilled to welcome Becky Brackett to The Boston Day Book team. Becky will be contributing content focused around decor, fashion and related topics. If you know Becky personally, you can certainly relate to our excitement in having her join our team. Welcome, Becky!

To introduce Becky to The Boston Day Book community, we opted to have a little informal interview. Enjoy!

Natalie Kurtzman: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Becky Brackett: Creative, innovative, thrifty

NK: So, Becky, you work at the BCAE and also help with marketing for the accessory shop and site, Wicked Peacock. How did you get involved?
BB: I started working at the Boston Center for Adult Education in the fall of 2008 (time flies!). I actually quit about 2 years in because I got the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel Europe for the summer. I was absolutely thrilled when they asked me to come back the next fall. I met Silvana, the founder of Wicked Peacock while at the BCAE, and the rest is history!

NK: How long have you lived in the Boston area?
BB: I grew up on the South Shore and always felt so happy to know the city was just a short train ride or drive away. I came back to the city after college, have been here for 4 years and love Boston a little more every day.

NK: You’re a busy gal! In your precious free time, what do you love to do?
BB: When I get a chunk of time to myself I’m most likely thrifting or crafting. I live for a good flea market and love the thrill of the hunt. The more rust the better. I also enjoy posting about some of my finds over at Pop & Circumstance.

NK: OK, 12 hours in Boston — what do you do?
BB: My ideal Boston day would involve sun and lots of strolling. It would most likely start in the South End with a coffee from The Buttery and a sticky bun from Flour. I would definitely make a stop into some of the fun stores on Union Park and then meander over to SoWa Open Market. There’s an incredible line-up of food trucks at SoWa that would take care of any lunch craving. From there, I would take my time walking through downtown, the Public Garden and down to the Charles River. After a few hours of sunbathing on one of the docks by the river I’d head to Charles Street for dinner. Toscano is always a great choice. I’m looking forward to lots of summer days like this, just around the corner!

NK: If you had a free day and you could go anywhere in New England, where would you go and why?
BB: If I had a free day I’d be headed right for the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I grew up hiking, and it kills me that I don’t have more time in the summer to spend up there. I’ve climbed Mount Washington once and definitely want to give it another go.

NK: What do you consider to be Boston’s best-kept secret?
BB: Here in Boston we talk a lot about food and restaurants. While I love that scene, I think we overlook some of the incredible and unique retail shops that are here. It feels like they don’t get the same amount of coverage, and it’s part of the reason I started Pop & Circumstance. I’m excited to be exploring some more small businesses for The Boston Day Book and reporting back! In particular I’m head over heels for Sault New EnglandgoodHudsonGracie Finn, and Twelve Chairs.

Thanks, Becky, for letting our readers get to know you a bit! Look for upcoming contributions from Becky, and in the meantime,  get in touch with her on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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