Above the Standard

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It’s no secret that we love the Fort Point neighborhood – great art, great coffee, new restaurants to try, and so many other wonderful things. Through the end of this month, an exhibition of artist Ari Hauben‘s work is one more reason to come to Fort Point. Hauben, who is also a Boston Public School art teacher, has brought together pieces that react to the increasing standardization in schools. Titled “Above the Standard (an education in the art of Mr. Hauben),” the show is an immersive experience. Some of the floors have been plastered with layers of multiple choice answer sheets that the visitors slowly wear down as they walk on them. In a corner of the room, the forms of two children perch above the space, ripping up tests and letting them fall. While some pieces, such as drawings on the wooden desk tops used in public schools, directly relate to the theme of education, others touch upon various aspects of society, including the economy, politics, and the environment. The thought put into each piece is apparent – for example, images of old warehouses are constructed using newspaper stories about unemployment, resin, and spray paint, inviting the viewer to take a closer look. We are glad we did.

Above the Standard (an education in the art of Mr. Hauben). Open to the public until June 1, Thursday-Friday 5-10 pm, Saturday 12-6 pm, Sunday 12-5 pm. 50 Melcher Street, Boston (corner of Melcher and A Street). EDIT: Now extended through June 15.

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