A Tour of French Terroir


The concept of terroir is central to French wine-making (and wine-drinking, of course!). The French word derives from terre, meaning soil, however terroir involves not only the soil itself, but also exposure to the elements, climate, altitude, and even the slope of a hill! No two vineyards are exactly the same, and it is these particularities of place that create the unique characteristics of a wine. While American wines are labelled by the grape varietal they are made from (i.e. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir), in France wines are labelled by place, reinforcing the precedence of terroir in French wine-making.

To better understand terroir, join Mark and Tom Wilcox for a upcoming wine tasting event at the French Cultural Center (presented in English). The wine tasting features ten wines from various regions of France well-known for their vineyards.The father and son team of Ansonia Wines specialize in French wines from small producers. During their yearly trip to France, the pair build relationships with vineyard owners and select unique wines to bring to the United States.  All of these wines come from family vineyards producing their wine in small batches, and are new to Massachusetts. The differences in the terroir of each area will be explained and discussed, to allow the tasters to understand why each wine is so unique. We always love a good glass of wine, and this event sounds like a great way to learn about the process while enjoying the amazing results!


A Tour of French Terroir wine tasting, Tuesday, June 25, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm. French Cultural Center, 53 Marlborough Street, Boston. Members $35; Non-members $45. Reserve by phone at (617) 912-0400.

Images courtesy of Ansonia Wines.

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