L’école Nuit: Luxe Lingerie in the South End

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There are so many interesting shops in the South End, and we had the pleasure of stopping by one of the newest additions to the neighborhood recently. L’école Nuit, an intimate boutique at Shawmut and Mass Ave, brings luxurious, beautiful, and unique lingerie to Boston.

The owner, Kristine, studied art history and French, and has a long-standing love for French design. For the last year, she has been offering her imported French lingerie pieces through her online store and hosted events, and in early July she opened her first brick and mortar location. Visiting Kristine’s shop is unlike most shopping experiences. It was important for her to create an intimate, personal atmosphere for lingerie shopping. Rather than the sterile environment of most malls or department stores, entering L’école Nuit feels like being invited into someone’s home. An antique mirrored vanity table in the entrance is draped with handmade lacy things, and holds a small plate of tempting chocolates. While there are many styles of slips, bras, panties, and stockings in the shop, the selection does not overwhelm. It feels like the fantasy of a dressing room, rather than a store.

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Rather than stocking an exhaustive selection, Kristine has curated a collection of unique items, with the aim of offering objects that are beautiful and elegant, but also comfortable. In addition to working with several of the larger iconic French design houses, she also collaborates with independent designers, some of whom are not otherwise available in the US. While many of the items include a modern twist, like playful laces or patent leather trims, they invariably appeal to our romantic side. All of the pieces are obviously made with care, and with rich materials such as silk, they are meant to be something that you would wear for yourself. Kristine believes that while women often spend a large amount of money on a dress or shirt, they are much less likely to do so on lingerie. However, it is lingerie that is closest to your skin, and Kristine thinks that beautiful underthings are something more women should indulge in.

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L’école Nuit. 537 Shawmut Ave., Boston. For more information, explore the website, or like L’école Nuit on facebook.

Images courtesy of L’école Nuit. 

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