Street Pianos in Boston

Photo Credit Street Pianos

In a few weeks, pianos with the simple instruction “Play Me, I’m Yours” will appear all over Boston. Any member of the public is encouraged to take a seat and play, turning public places into an experience of shared music. This creative and interactive piano installation was developed by British artist Luke Jerram, and has toured 35 cities all over the world, including London, Sydney, Paris, NYC, Sao Paolo, and Barcelona. The Celebrity Series of Boston has partnered with Jerram  in this project  to celebrate their 75th season of bringing performing artists to the city.

Local artists are currently at work decorating the pianos that will be used in the Boston installation. We can’t wait to see where they will show up – past projects have placed pianos on bridges and ferries, outside galleries and stores, and even in bus shelters! What an amazing way to transform the cityscape!

“Play Me, I’m Yours” street pianos coming to Boston September 27-October 14. Check out the website for more information and updates. 

Image Credit: Street Pianos.

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