Thursday Crush: Fouta Lifestyle

ma foutas

Today’s Thursday Crush is Pauline Eveillard’s online shop, Fouta Lifestyle!

Foutas are the lightweight, absorbent towels commonly found in the hammams or saunas of Tunisia and Turkey. Pauline first discovered foutas while on a Fulbright scholarship to Tunis, studying ancient Roman mosaics. (Smart cookie!) She found that the towels were ubiquitous in Tunisian homes, and were used as towels in the home and at the beach, clothing, blankets, and decor. When she brought foutas back to friends and family at home, she realized that there was demand for the unique towels in America, and she also was inspired by the possibilities of introducing a product from an African country for a fair price.

Pauline’s shop offers range of foutas in different patterns and textures. They are all so gorgeous, it is hard to pick just one. I gifted the stripe-y kenza to two of my sisters, and ended up with a few of my own as well! They are great to use as tablecloths, picnic blankets, and shawls – and one always comes with me to the beach!

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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