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Recently, Natalie and I got the chance to attend one of the The Urban Grape’s (free!) “Geek Out” education series. (To reserve a spot at the next event, sign up for their newsletter!) We were so happy to discover this great wine shop, with a location in the South End and a branch in Chestnut Hill. The owners shared some of their favorite wines with us as they explained the unique way that the store is organized. Many people (including us) find wine shopping a bit intimidating. Personally I find it easy to get in a rut – once I find wines I like I tend to buy them again and again. It is so hard to know from the information on the label whether a new wine will be appealing.

At the Urban Grape, all the wines are organized by “weight” or body. In the same way that dairy can range from skim milk to cream, wines are classified as 1-10 on the Urban Grape’s wall. To help you in deciding what weight of wine you feel like, a pneumatic tasting center in the shop allows you to describe what you like and don’t like, so the staff can help you find the perfect bottle.



They have a selection of interesting beers as well! The fall “Geek Out” events include tastings of Scotch, tequila, sake, beer and Champagne, so there is something for everyone! We learned a lot and had so much fun exploring this unique shop, and will definitely keep it in mind the next time we want a little help selecting a bottle!

The Urban Grape. South End location: 303 Columbus Avenue, South End, Monday-Wednesday 9:30 am to 9:30 pm, and until 11 pm, Sundays from noon-6 pm. Chestnut Hill location: 7 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill, Monday-Wednesday 9:30 am to 9:30 pm, Thursday-Saturday until 11 pm, Sundays from noon-6 pm. For more information about The Urban Grape, visit the website or follow them on facebook or twitter.

Images courtesy of The Urban Grape.

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