Need a Lyft?


Have you seen the pink moustaches around town lately? Those playful accessories decorate people using Lyft, a ride-sharing service that started in San Francisco and has made its way east to Boston. Not everyone has a car, especially in a crowded city like ours, and the concept of Lyft is to create a community that offers a friendlier ride when you need it, like getting a lift from a friend. Passengers request a ride  on their smart phone, and when the mustached car arrives, they get in up front, are greeted with a fist bump and some friendly chit chat. Payment is through the app (great for those of us who never have cash!), and is an adjustable suggested donation. We haven’t tried them yet, but think the idea is so great, and will definitely keep them in mind the next time we need a ride. If you are new to Lyft, use the code LYFTBOSTON to receive a $20 credit!

Image and video courtesy of Lyft.

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