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Water has an awesome power. Anyone who has ever been sailing or dipped a toe into powerful surf knows that while the ocean is beautiful and life-giving, it also demands respect.

The immense power of water struck close to home last year with the landfall of Hurricane Sandy on the shores of New Jersey and New York. With climate change, severe weather events like Hurricane Sandy may become more common, and could one day affect our own coast.

The Enviromental League of Massachusetts is a nonprofit that aims to educate the public and advocates for strong environmental laws. The ELM focuses on local issues and state government, and has been involved in many important campaigns including supporting public transit and walkable communities, the sustainable use of water and land resources, and encouraging recycling.

The ELM Action Fund reached out to us in the hope of spreading the word about their petition asking the new mayor to create a climate plan. In just a few days, our city will elect a new mayor for the first time in 20 years. This milestone is a perfect time to think about the challenges we will face in the coming years and how to prepare for them. By adding your name to the petition, you are sending a message to the mayoral candidates that storm preparedness is important.

The ELM campaign is accompanied by a short video of someone being swept down Boylston Street in a river of water. I personally found this video very dark, and uncomfortable to watch. You may feel similarly. However, this dystopian vision of the future confronts us with a difficult issue, and prompts us to take action to ensure that it never becomes a reality.

While this post is sponsored by the ELM Action Fund, all opinions are our own.

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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