Boston Votes!

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Hey Boston! Let’s get ready to vote tomorrow!

After a tenure of 30 years, Mayor Menino is stepping down. Will our next mayor be John Connolly or Marty Walsh? It’s up to you!

Here the Boston Globe summarizes the candidates’ thoughts on a few key issues and here Boston Magazine sat down with the candidates for a Q+A. While both candidates would usher in changes, I am really impressed by Connolly’s track record of taking a stand on issues he feels strongly about, as demonstrated by his push for a longer school day. You can read more about Connolly’s views on Bostinno¬†and The Boston Globe. Whoever you choose to support, voting is the best way to make your views known!

How to: Make sure that you are registered to vote on the City of Boston website. Enter your name and birthdate for your voting location. The polls are open from 7am-8pm tomorrow. Yay democracy!

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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