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I have been curious about indoor cycling classes for a long time, so I jumped at the chance to try Boston’s newest cycling studio, Flywheel. The recently opened location in the Prudential mall is the first studio in Massachusetts for the New York-based company. Flywheel aims to make indoor cycling more exciting and immersive through the use of great music, stadium seating (so everyone can see the instructor), and a “Torqboard” to bring out people’s competitive streak.


As this was my first indoor cycling class, it is a bit difficult for me to compare Flywheel to other Boston studios. However, can safely say this: a class at Flywheel was an amazing cardiovascular workout. I was really pushed to my limits by the great instructor and the motivational music, which picked up in intensity and volume each time we did a sprint or upped the resistance.

Flywheel’s bikes each have a small screen which relays resistance and rotations per minute (rpm). As a newbie, I found this really useful, because the instructor would tell us a range to be within for each section of the class, so I knew how hard I should be working (although we were encouraged to take it down a few notches if we needed to!). At certain moments a large screen at the front of the room lit up with rankings of the different bikes in the room – this is the “Torqboard.” If you like competition, the board can make the class feel more like a race for those who opt in to the rankings.


The bikes are set up to be used with clip-in cycling shoes, which are available to borrow free of charge. There were a few friendly staff members circulating at the beginning of class to help everyone get set up and make sure everyone knew how to clip in and out. Each bike holds two weighted bars next to the front wheel, and we used these in a short arms segment while continuing to ride the bike. Class finished up with a quick stretch.

The delicious, cold, filtered water on tap outside the studio felt so refreshing after such a challenging hour! The Boston location has a several washrooms and showers, but I imagine there might be a few minutes wait to use them after a busy class. The open locker room had a wall full of programmable lockers to hold your stuff while you are on the bike.

For those cycling enthusiasts, Flywheel is definitely worth checking out! For newbies like me, I think that this a great place to try it out. The first class is free (you can sign up on the website), however in general the classes are pricey, between $21.50-$28 depending on the amount of classes bought. Although it is expensive, I am planning on trying Flywheel again. The cardiovascular challenge was so much more than I typically experience when I work out on my own, and I felt a real sense of accomplishment at the end of the class. Have you tried indoor cycling? What did you think?

Flywheel Boston. 800 Boylston Street, inside the Prudential Center.

Images courtesy of Flywheel.

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