Vote, Take it to the Streets, and Soar to the Stars

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The MFA is organizing an exhibition of their impressionist works, and they want your input to help decide which paintings to include! Vote once a week until the end of the month for your favorites. The top thirty paintings will be shown in “Boston Loves Impressionism,” opening on Valentine’s Day. So much fun! Vote on their website.

On Thursday evening from 7-8 pm, a trio of musicians will play live music at the Museum of Science Planetarium, accompanying visuals of outer space. The sensory combination of live music that builds from simple beginnings to something more complex and visions of distant solar systems and nebulas sounds magical! Tickets are $15 and can be purchased through the event website.

The Celebrity Series of Boston (in their 75th year!) brought us the amazing street pianos a few months ago, and now are collaborating with a Montreal-based choreographer to create a public dance event. Choreographer Sylvain Émard has brought the dance, called Le Grand Continental®, to cities all over the world. And you are invited to be a part the performance! Registration is now open for people with or without dance experience. A group of 150 people of various ages, backgrounds, and dance skills will attend 20 rehearsals over the next few months in preparation for the May performance. This event promises to be tons of fun for both dancers and spectators! For more information, watch the video below and check out the website!

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