The Boston Wine Expo


I love wine tasting – it is so much fun to learn about different types of wine and experience the myriad of flavors created by the combination of fruit, geology, climate, and aging. I am always looking for ways to learn more about wine (click here for a few ideas!) and so I am excited to check out the Wine Expo in February. The event will bring wines from more than 185 vineyards around the world to the Seaport. Plus, several well-known local chefs, including Ming Tsai, Jody Adams, and Barbara Lynch, will be sharing tips and demonstrating some of their favorite dishes to pair with wine.

In addition to the large tasting areas, the event includes a spectrum of seminars (ranging from $25-$50) on topics ranging from wine and cheese to scotch and rum. Even if you don’t want to commit to a full day of tasting, the seminars can be purchased independently, and many are ideal for the wine novice. I am most interested in the Champagne tasting seminar – I can’t resist those bubbles!

We are happy to be giving away a pair of tickets to the Sunday Grand Tasting! Simply find us on Twitter at @bostondaybook and retweet our tweet about the event. We’ll randomly select one of the retweeters over the weekend and notify the lucky winner. Tickets are also available to buy online here, and make sure to get a discount of 10% off the Grand Tasting on either day by using the promo code SOCIAL at the bottom of the page!

Boston Wine Expo. February 15-16, 1-5 pm, at the Seaport World Trade Center. Tickets available online, use promo code SOCIAL.

Image Courtesy of the Wine Expo.

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