Cooking with Spice

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When we were younger, my sister received an Indian cookbook for her birthday. I’ll never forget how her face lit up. We’ve always had a deep appreciation for Indian food – the spices, naan, and mango lassis, of course.

In the cold winter months, I find myself constantly craving spicy food. This February, Shanti restaurant is offering a cooking class at its flagship location in Dorchester. The class will focus on various Indian spices that add so much flavor to our favorite dishes. Attendees will snack on small bites and learn all about spices – such as ginger, cardamom, and cumin – including the history and benefits of cooking with them.

Intimate Spice Class, Shanti, 1111 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester, Monday, February 10, 6:30-8:30 pm, $25 per person. Reservations can be made by 617-929-3900 or by visiting Shanti’s website.

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