Cocktail Wars


I’ve been on a cocktail kick. Typically, I’m happy with a glass of wine or an IPA. This winter, I’ve been feeling more adventurous, trying cocktails that are somewhat unique. Last month, I had the moscow mule at Russell House Tavern, which is made with homemade ginger beer – yum.

On Sunday, February 16, The Sinclair is hosting Cocktail Wars, where participating restaurants will battle for Cocktail Champ. Each cocktail will be served throughout the evening culminating at 10:30pm, when the competitors will partake in the Cocktail War Mystery Challenge. They will have to create a delicious drink using a mystery ingredient and spirit. Let the competition begin!

Cocktail Wars, The Sinclair, 52 Church Street, Harvard Square, Sunday, February 16, 9pm, more info at xxx.

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