The Revels FRINGE


The Revels celebrate traditional music from all over the world, bringing it to life in an engaging way for today’s audiences. With their new program “Revels FRINGE,” the group highlights edgier folk music and artists who blend styles in an intriguing way.

The first Revels FRINGE event features Carlos Nuñez, a brilliant Galician piper, along with other inspiring musicians including harpist Maeve Gilchrist, local virtuoso fiddler Hanneke Cassel, and Stan Strickland on soprano saxophone. “This is the first time Revels has attempted anything of this sort,” says Revels music director George Emlen. “This event puts six immensely talented musicians on stage together, all of whom have a desire to explore the intersections of their various musical influences. I can’t think of a better way to launch the Revels FRINGE program.” The event is on March 7 at the Center for the Arts at the Arsenal in Somerville. For tickets and more information, check out the event website.

P.S. Later this month, the Revels celebrates the coming of spring with their family-friendly Spring Sing. The afternoon will include singing and dancing, as well as a theatrical performance by local youth. The Spring Sing is in Watertown on March 22 – for information and tickets click here. We can’t wait for spring weather!

Image of Carlos Nuñez Courtesy of the Revels.

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