Caffè Nero to Open Downtown


The construction at Millenium Place is complete, and the luxury building’s shiny doors are open. I have been living only a few blocks away from the new construction, and was eagerly waiting for signs of what would open in the retail sections of the building. Just a few days ago, Legal Seafoods opened their Legal Crossing (or “LX”)  outpost- it was already crowded on the first night! The big bar and the Legal-with-a-twist menu are sure to be a hit with the after work and pre/post-theatre crowds.

The London-based coffee shop Caffè Nero will be joining LX at Millenium Place this spring. While the company is very popular in Europe, this will be their first location in the US. (Yay, Boston!) I lived in London for a year in graduate school, and I spent many afternoons studying at Caffè Nero – I’m looking forward to trying their Italian-style coffee here in Boston! Look for it in April.

Image Courtesy of Caffè Nero.

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