Thursday Crush: Tiny Devotions


Happy first day of spring! Our Thursday Crush this week is Tiny Devotions, a company based in London, Ontario (my husband’s hometown!) dedicated to making beautiful mala beads and scarves. Mala beads can be used in meditation, with a mantra or special phrase repeated for each of the 108 beads. (This is similar to how a rosary is used, however you don’t need to use a religious phrase with your mala beads.) I was first introduced to malas during my yoga teacher training at Kripalu (see here and here for more), when we were each given a circle of rosewood beads by our teachers. It was such a wonderful way to meditate, and those beads are a treasured keepsake from that experience.

When I came across Tiny Devotions online, I was impressed by all of their beautiful malas. They would make such a thoughtful gift! Each necklace, made in Canada, is created with a particular intention in mind. I am especially drawn to this beautiful lapis mala, this gorgeous turquoise mala, and this African Jade mala,

In naming the business, the company’s founder, Diana Charabin, was inspired by the small devotions of flowers and incense the Balinese leave on the streets as offerings. In addition to malas, Tiny Devotions also make bracelets and beautiful scarves. They kindly sent me the Bay Scarf as a gift, and it is lovely. The fabric is soft, gauzy and light, but the scarf is large enough that it still feels warm and substantial. Definitely something I’ll be wearing this spring! Take a look at their website – there are so many beautiful pieces.


Image Credit:  Justyna Sokolowski

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