Local Artist Alison Gould

Mondrian 5

I always love to meet people who combine several passions into unique careers, and Somerville’s Alison Gould certainly fits the bill. I came across some of her photography at an event a few months ago, and have since had the chance to chat with her and learn more about her work. Alison has always been interested in the urban landscape, and after graduate school spent some time working in historic preservation. After several jobs in the field, she fell into┬áteaching Spanish to middle and high school students, a role that she adores. With teaching as her primary career, she spends her spare time photographing the objects and textures encountered in daily life. In images like the one above, these photographs are collaged together in a style reminiscent of Piet Mondrian’s grid abstractions, matching the textured surfaces caught by the camera to Mondrian’s primary color scheme. Alison is also inspired by Rothko’s colorfields, finding hearts in unexpected places, and the beauty to be found in city grit.

Rothko Series 5

Check out Alison’s work at the upcoming Somerville Open Studios (May 3-4, noon-6 pm). Along with fellow photographers Danito Jo Talbot and Mark Manne, she will be selling work at SOWA Open Market (one of our absolute favorite Sunday spots!) this summer under the name Fat Thumbs.

HeartPoster2 copy

Image Credit: Alison Gould

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous work

  2. We have four graffiti photographs hung in our family room. Alison took it upon herself to frame and deliver them for us! They are stunning; I enjoy them every day, can always discover something new within them. I look forward to May’s art show when we can hopefully find an addition to our collection…or something entirely different…of course, by Alison!!