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Instead of traditional gym memberships, so many people these days prefer to take classes at specialized fitness studios. But what if you like both yoga and spinning? The new-to-Boston membership service ClassPass aims to satisfy the fitness generalist – someone who wants to explore many different fitness studios without breaking the bank.

I was given a month-long trial of ClassPass, and I had so much fun exploring some different fitness classes in the area. For $99 a month, members are able to take 10 classes. There is a long list of participating studios, and more have been joining recently. (Check out this map of the 33 participating studios in the area.) Most of these classes would cost far more than $10 a class to drop-in, so if the ClassPass model works for you, this a great deal. (However, some studios have great new member deals, and it can be very reasonable to take advantage of those if available!)

There is of course a bit of a catch. You can only take 3 classes a month at each studio, and you have to sign up for and cancel classes 24 hours in advance (or the class will be taken from your account and you may be charged a $20 fee). If you are someone who likes to have a flexible schedule, these constraints might get frustrating. However, certain people find it helpful to have a schedule for working out – for me, I know that I can always find something else that I need to do, and having a class built into my calendar (and already paid for!) can be what gets me there.

I tried classes at Exhale (their core fusion and yoga classes, both of which I love), BTone (not really my thing, but interesting to try!), and Life in Synergy. Life in Synergy is a fitness studio in the Back Bay that I had never tried before. Their happy, non-competitive culture was so refreshing, and the classes are built on the concept of rebuilding balance in the body by focusing on underused muscles. I signed up for a month pass, so look for a more detailed post on them in a few weeks!

I would definitely consider becoming a member of ClassPass again – it was a great chance to shake things up and try some new classes. To adhere to the 24 hour sign-up and cancellation policy takes some organization, but it can also be nice to have some classes on the calendar in advance. Have you tried ClassPass?

You can sign up at, and for more information check out their FAQs and blog.

Image Courtesy of Life in Synergy.

This post includes an affiliate link from our partner, ClassPass. This means that if you sign up using the link, we will make a small commission. We always offer our honest and authentic opinion – thanks for reading and supporting this blog! xo

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