Boston Calling is Back!


Image Credit: Mike Diskin (Boston Calling 2013)

This month, Boston Calling is back with its third festival weekend, and the lineup looks so good! I have loved seeing City Hall Plaza transformed by the organizers of this festival series, and am so glad to see that in addition to the spring event, there is already a fall weekend lined up!

The May weekend festival (May 23-25) includes more than 20 acts over the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Particularly exciting for me, Jack Johnson is playing on the Friday night. I have such a soft spot for his music – my boyfriend used to play his song “Banana Pancakes” while making me banana pancakes on the weekend (reader: I married him). The rest of the weekend includes Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse, and so many more! Take a look at the full lineup online.

I went to the last Boston Calling, and it was so much fun to enjoy great music against the backdrop of downtown Boston! It was such a departure from the way I normally interact with that part of the city. Last year, I spent a little time with friends at the more relaxed “beer garden” area (image below), and it was great to be able to choose between listening from the more the relaxed patio or being close to the stage.

beer garden

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne (Boston Calling 2013)

In addition to beverages, there are also food stands – this year including local favorite’s Bon Me and Roxy’s. What a fun way to spend a weekend! I might be out of town for the September festival but, people, Lorde and Nas x the Roots! Boston Calling is definitely one to watch.

Boston Calling, May 23-25, Government Center. 1-Day Friday Pass or a variety of VIP passes still available, see the Boston Calling website for details.

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  1. Rhys says:

    1. I WOULD say that I was born here, but Devin seems to think that Cambridge is a rural suburb of Boston. So to awnesr this question, I’d have to say because of my friends. After college I moved home, all the way to the sticks, while most of my close friends relocated to Southie, ie two of them got an apartment together. I found myself hanging out there more and more, getting ready before a night out, walking Castle Island or going to the beach. It seemed to be the central meeting spot between my friends and me. Once I was ready to move out on my own, I decided that I wanted to be in Southie since I loved it so much, was pretty affordable, there was, albeit frustrating, parking and it was really close to my mom, who still lives in Cambridge.2. I don’t have any plans to leave anytime soon.3. If I was able to purchase an affordable house/condo in a nice area, I may be convinced to stay forever. Although, I think that for me to afford what I’d like, I need a higher paying job, as I don’t think my salary right now would cut it. Yea, a new job would be nice.