Ridescout Comes to Boston

Like many Bostonians and other city-dwellers, I don’t have a car. While in many parts of the country, driving is the quickest form of transportation, that is not obviously the case in urban areas (rush hour traffic downtown, anyone?).

With the new sharing economy and so many ways for urbanites to get around, it can be hard to know which method to choose. That’s why we were so excited to hear that Ridescout was coming to Boston! Ridescout is an app that compares different types of transportation in terms of cost and time. (Available at the App Store and for Android.) After entering where you are and where you want to go – it feels a lot like google maps – the app offers a bunch of choices that would work.  In Boston, the app includes the T, Hubway, Zipcar, Hailo, Sidecar, MassPort, and more. It also shows driving or biking with your own car or bike, and of course walking (with the “cost” shown in calories burned!).

ridescout - Version 2

The company was started by Joseph Kopser and Craig Cummings in 2011, two Army veterans turned entrepreneurs. Joseph was living in Arlington, Virginia, and wanted a tool to show him the best way to commute the five miles to his job. When he couldn’t find an app to do it, he decided to create one! At the moment, the app can be used in Austin, San Francisco, Washington, and now Boston. The team is eager to add more cities and expand the types of transportation they show.

Such a cool idea. This summer one of my goals is to explore a few neighborhoods that I don’t know very well, and I am sure that the app will come in handy – definitely easier than using a whole bunch of different apps and websites!


Download from the App Store or for Android.

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