Cheap Date: Red Sox Game

RedSox - Upper Bleachers

For anyone who has tried getting Red Sox tickets the past few years, you may scoff at the idea that it could be a “cheap date.” Prior to their World Series win in 2004 (after an 86 year drought), tickets were cheap and easy to come by. After that major win, prices went up and stayed up.

For the 2014 season, the Sox introduced Tier pricing and Sox Saver Games, making it possible to get tickets for as little as $10!

The tiers are based on time of the week and opponent (so you won’t see these low prices for a Saturday night Yankees game, for instance). For an upcoming Wednesday night game against the Braves, $15 will get you an Upper Bleacher seat. You won’t be able to see the jumbo screen, but you will have one of my favorite views in all of Boston.

There are also a few more Sox Saver Games left in the season – mostly in September. For these games, Upper Bleacher tickets come down to $10 so you’ll have plenty leftover for a Fenway Frank and a Sam Adams.

Photo credit: Molly Kerrigan, “View from the Upper Bleachers”

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