Summer Detox without the Diet with Rebecca Pacheco

Rebecca Pacheco

Summer is just around the corner so that means it’s time to detox. Rather than obsess over shedding pounds, maybe it’s time to step back and focus on shedding negative thoughts and self-criticism. Superstar instructor, Rebecca Pacheco, (you may know her better as OmGal) is going to help you on your path to self-love in a 2-hour class at the BCAE. The class description reads:

What you don’t need:
A yoga mat.
Liquid-only diet.

What you do need:
A journal.
A pen.
A willingness to become a spiritual knockout.

Summer Detox without the Diet with Rebecca Pacheco, BCAE, 122 Arlington Street, Boston, Sunday, June 8, 3-5 pm, $50. For more information and to register, click here.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Pacheco.

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